Monday, March 6, 2017

The Mantra of the Yoniverse

Inspired by Spirit Fest and the many beautiful, powerful women in the fullness of their feminine that I encountered there and in my life - I penned a poem that I wish to share with you.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to share some intimate and personal magic in my life. Stories in which my life has been touched and transformed by adventures of the heart. First the poem though, and then the story...

Some months ago I wondered: What is created when two ears come together? The result surprised me. Focus on the second image. What does it look like? Can you see a representation of the yoni (vagina), the lingum (penis), a spiralling DNA strand, the twisting rising energy of Shakti? The poem below is represented by this image that gives rise to the last image: Loving OneSelf. Loving earth. We are one and the same: Look after yourself, your body, your heart, your mind, your soul, your environment - Hear The Earth - YOUR Earth.
Loving the earth is my ultimate destiny.
What is yours?

The Mantra of the Yoniverse  / The Big Bang

Your kiss is still on my lips,
Your breath infused with mine,
Your gentle words still impressed upon my ears.

I know it's not easy for you,
I know it never was,
I know you're feeling scared.

Let's You and I explore and alchemize this journey,
Let's You and I go where this man has dared to venture,
Let's You and I go where this woman has dared to dream.

We'll cast aside labels of I am and I'm not - can and cannot,
We'll break through barriers of boundaries and belief,
We'll face fear and plunge deep into pools of the heart -
of the mind,
of the soul,
of the universe...

Until The You and I are melded,

In one brief moment in ever expanding love-light,
Into the One endlessly repeating manifestation of this:
The YOu 'n I verse.

Some explanations and thoughts:

This poem is simultaneously about birth and lovemaking:
The birth of You;
the birth of The U-niverse.
A simultaneous wish from mother to child -
from child to mother.
It welds my scientific and structured background,
with my explorations of the heart -
a space of endless exploration still elusive and opaque to the masculine machinations of science.
In the beginning was the word, the universal sound of creation - Aum.
Life starts with a breath -
The first touch of the wind upon our face that elicits our first InSpiration.
The yoni is a sanskrit word meaning the vagina.
It has multiple meanings including "source of all life".
With which lips does a mother first bless her child?
How does a new-born child speak?
They say that for around the first six months of your life,
You do not see yourself as separate from your mother,
You are one.
When you are born there is the flash of love-light
and an inspiration of breath.
When you and I make love,
Our energies combine in an endless moment of now.
When you die a near instantaneous download of DMT,
causes a universal and ineffable love-light experience,
your final inspiration with your final expiration -
in this life.
All the chemicals of Your youniverse collapsing,
You reconnect with loved ones.
To be reborn again.
Choose your friends wisely,
Choose to love fully:
As if it is your first.
As if it is your last.
Every moment we have a choice.
To start our lives again.
To live our lives anew.
To live out our most magnificent destiny,
That will ring out eternally through the filled vacuum of endless space.

This poem is dedicated to the most powerful of Woman,
My Mother,
My Soulmate,
My Lover,
My Witch

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  1. In awe...I am. Really deep and gives me a complete new perspective. Always thought you had the ability for something different and meaningful. Thank you for sharing.